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Company Profile

Homa Karimabadi, CEO / CTO

Dr. Karimabadi is the founder of SciberQuest and co-founder of three other startups including Aitria Technologies. He has a unique combination of expertise in supercomputing techniques and information technology as well as strategic analysis and business management. As a scientist, he is recognized for key discoveries in several fields and acted as a consultant forSAIC. Hehas published over 70 articles in scientific journals on a wide range of topics including cosmology, chaos theory, space plasmas, numerical algorithms, and solar physics. On the business side, he guided the strategic planning and business development for a venture funded internet start-up, including formulation/presentation of business models. He also worked as a lead strategist for an Internet Incubator founded by a McKinsey Partner. In addition to his role as the CEO/CTO at SciberQuest, Inc., Dr. Karimabadi is also heading the space physics plasma simulation group at UCSD.

He received his B.S. in mathematics and astronomy from UC Berkeley and his PhD in plasma astrophysics from the University of Maryland.

Selected Whitepapers:

Space Physics

Discrete Event Simulations