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SciberQuest, Inc. specializes in providing advanced solutions to handle the most complex computational and data analysis challenges facing the scientific world. Some of our current projects include the development of

(i) self-adaptive algorithms for modeling of complex, multi-scale problems

(ii) remote, interactive, and specific social networking software for online communities

(iii) computational infrastructure for NASA's magnetospheric virtual observatory

(iv) specialized codes for the Air Force including a first-ever, multi-resolution, 3D, parallel, object-oriented, electromagnetic PIC code capable of handling complex boundaries

(v) data mining engine (MineTool) to systematically identify patterns in high volume data as an alternative to visual inspection of experimental results.

Our technology has already enabled advances in propulsion and space physics and is forging its way into new areas such as genomics, climatology, and heart modeling.


SciberQuest, Inc. is a trusted information solution provider in areas ranging from collaborative computing, data mining, visualization, simulations, to space physics. Our broad base of customers and partners includes universities, national laboratories, multiple sectors of the U.S. government, high performance computing centers, medical institutions, and a myriad of commercial enterprises. Our team of exceptionally accomplished scientists and technologists is committed to providing value-added end-to-end solutions that are both pragmatic and innovative.

With an emphasis on agility,

we deliver quality

built on integrity and ability.